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Erika Hayashida (ERIKA HAYASHIDA)

Aoyama Gakuin High School '23​​

Blair Academy '24

🔶 Current school: Blair Academy '24
🔷 Hometown: Aoyama Gakuin High School (until the summer of Koichi)
🔶 Birthplace: Tokyo
🔷 Why I became a BSAJ member: I have had so many good experiences with Blair that I wanted to spread the appeal of boarding school to more people and became a member of BSAJ. Also, I remember it was very encouraging for the BSAJ members to give me advice and support when I took the boarding school exam. I hope that I can help other people as much as possible.
🔷 What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? : Of course, I had been attending the same school since elementary school, so even if I stayed in Seigaku, I think I had a good school life with my friends every day. However, by taking the boarding school, I get to know students from various backgrounds and am in an environment where I can always challenge myself, so I think that the possibilities for the future have expanded. I am very grateful to have had a valuable experience.
🔶 Boarding School Fun in life: Blair is a medium-sized school with about 400 students in boarding, so the distance between teachers, students, and students is close, and if you pass each other, you will greet most people. I enjoy my daily school life very much because it is a good community. In addition, the teacher respects the opinions of the students, so we are in an environment where we can immediately try new things. On weekends, some discos, dance patties, and food trucks come to school, and teachers take us to the mall, so it's fulfilling even though it's in the suburbs. A weekly formal dinner (random seating regardless of grade) is a good opportunity to meet students you've never spoken to before. Life at Blair is all about fun, so it's hard to choose one, but I especially like sports and dance parties with my friends.

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