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Taichi Kobayashi

🔷 Hometown:

Groton School '15

Brown University '19

🔶 Self-introduction:

Born in Tokyo. I go to a public elementary school in Ota Ward until elementary school 3. During the summer vacation of elementary school 3, he moved to Connecticut, USA due to his father's transfer and attended a local school for 5 years. When I was in middle 2, I entered Groton School in Massachusetts when my parents returned home. Spend middle 2 to high 3 at a boarding school. The reason I went to boarding school was not only because I wanted to stay in the United States, but also because I had a strong admiration for living in a dormitory. Even though I am an only child, I think that thanks to living in the dormitory, I was able to grow a little by living with senior and junior students as well as people from various countries and backgrounds. He spends his youth at a boarding school, fighting, fostering friendships, learning American culture, and improving his English. It's been a while since I graduated from Groton, and I would like to continue to convey this real thrill through the activities of BSAJ.

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