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Wakana Kaneko (MARKETING)

Roger Williams University '22

Kents Hill School '18

Born in Kanagawa prefecture. Enrolled in a junior high and high school integrated school in Tokyo. After receiving advice from a cram school teacher that his "being friendly with anyone and having a cheerful personality" suits overseas, he participated in a summer school in England in the summer of the second year of junior high school for three weeks. He then enrolled in Kents Hill School in Maine and then to Roger Williams University   in Rhode Island (Communication and Media Studies).

Why I became a member: It's been 8 years since I studied abroad in the United States this year, and it wasn't all fun memories. I started attending a boarding school with no English ability, and experienced a lot of hardships until I understood how to communicate with friends from other countries and cultural differences. Based on this experience, I would like to provide information on the merits of studying abroad to those who are considering studying abroad.

Activities at BSAJ:

I would like to organize an event that supports students and expands the network with graduates through BSAJ.

If I didn't go to boarding school: I think I went on to school because the junior high school I was attending was consistent with junior high and high school.

Fun in boarding life: Going out with friends and playing sports on weekends and long vacations. My school had a very small number of 200 students, so it was very easy to understand and felt like a second family. Especially in the final year, I worked as a dormitory manager and International ambassador (a job to take care of new international students) in the dormitory of junior high school students. The most memorable event was the Winter Carnival (commonly known as an athletic meet). Thankfully, I was appointed as a team leader by a junior student, and I was able to experience various events such as volleyball confrontation and tug of war.

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