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Iria Sato

🔶 Current school: Trinity University San Antonio '25
🔷 Hometown: Public Junior High School, Tasis the American School in Switzerland
🔶 Birthplace: Tokyo

🔷 Why became a BSAJ member:
I had a lot of valuable experiences at a boarding school in Switzerland. I would like to share my experience with students who are thinking of studying abroad at a boarding school, experiencing many good and bad things, and taking the exam at a boarding school. There are endless possibilities and various people in the world, so I would like to teach you the fun and importance of studying abroad and boarding school so that you will not miss the encounter.
🔶 Activities at BSAJ:
What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? ::
If I hadn't enrolled in a boarding school, I'm sure I wouldn't have found my dream (I want to change my English education in Japan, I want to create a dormitory school, I want to spread my study abroad to Japan). I didn't realize the charm of the boarding school, the world view didn't change, and I think I didn't realize the importance of independence and standing alone.
🔷 Fun things in boarding school life:
The fun part of boarding school is not only to meet students from different countries and cultures, but also to be like a family with a dormitory mother or school teacher. I think it's because I'm away from the country where I was born and raised. You can find cultures and perspectives that you can experience because you are not in Japan, and it is fun to find changes in your worldview and perspectives.

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