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Rin Miyamoto

🔶 Current school: Keio Pearl 25'
🔷 Hometown: Phillips Academy Andover
🔶 Birthplace: Tokyo

🔷 Why did you become a BSAJ member: I had always considered it a problem that there were so few Japanese people in the boarding school, so I met BSAJ who is trying to expand his name in Japan and wanted to help.
🔶 What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? : I studied abroad through a dispatched study abroad program when I was in my third year of high school, so if I hadn't studied abroad, I would have been promoted to university normally. I think I lost a lot of opportunities.
🔷 Fun in boarding school life: Being in a dormitory, getting closer to friends. I liked the unique culture of the boarding school because it's only students and teachers.

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