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Boarding Schools Alumni of Japan

BSAJ's mission is to propose boarding school study abroad as one of the educational options for Japanese students and their families and to support the contribution of active students and graduates to society.


We promote boarding school education hrough the North American Boarding School Fair and Boarding School Fair @ Nishimachi International School held every summer, BSAJ One-to-One Program (OnTOP), and SNS centered on Instagram. We are solving the issues of people who do not know if we should consult with them, and make the options of boarding school and studying abroad more familiar. In addition to providing information, we will strive to become a "platform" for boarding school graduates through our activities.

ホーム: ようこそ!

Boarding School Fairs


Impacted Students and Parents


Alumni Community Network

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Main Projects

​​ Making boarding schools more familiar for Japanese students and families

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Boarding school fair

​​ Held twice every August!

North America Boarding School Fair Boarding School Fair @ Nishimachi International School


Connect with BSAJ members!

One-to-One Student Mentor Program
One-to-One Finance Consulting Program

Promoting on Social Media

On Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and blogs!

We are always working to get more people to know about the boarding school, mainly on Instagram.

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