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Let's aim to be "on top" of the boarding school programs to become future global leaders with BSAJ members!!

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​​ BSAJ members will support the students who will enter the boarding school on a one-to-one basis "like brothers and sisters".

This is a program for students enrolling in boarding schools from this September.

No matter what kind of Japanese school you attend, public, private, or inter, it is quite courageous to enroll in a boarding school.

BSAJ members who have already experienced it and are actually living a fulfilling boarding school life will support one-on-one as a mentor.

Recruitment period: March to September every year (from announcement of boarding school acceptance to admission)

Target students: Students enrolling in a boarding school in September of this year

Target school: There is no limit to the location of the boarding school

Support period: Have each student and BSAJ members consult

System: It depends on the wishes and conveniences of the student and BSAJ members, such as contacting on SNS, regular Facetime from admission, meeting in person and talking.

Support content: From advice at the time of admission to a boarding school to solving trivial problems, we will support you "like a brother".

How to decide a mentor: In addition to your favorite subject and sports / art, you will receive a personality diagnosis and match with BSAJ members.

However, if there are active / graduates of the school you plan to enroll in, that member is basically the mentor. ​ Also, if you have a member who wants to be a mentor, please let us know by using the form.

​ Please see the application form in ⏬ for details.

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​​ Now that the yen is depreciating due to the military invasion of Corona and Russia, we are accepting consultations on scholarships and tuition fees at boarding schools.

This is a program for students and their parents who are going to take the boarding school.

Before the depreciation of the yen in recent years, the cost of boarding schools ranges from tuition to dormitory, which is an order of magnitude higher than that of Japanese schools.

Therefore, BSAJ members, their parents, and boarding school admission officers will be available to discuss boarding school scholarships and tuition fees.

Recruitment period: Accepted all year round

System: via email or Zoom

Support content: After answering the form, BSAJ members or their guardians who can respond to the consultation will respond as much as possible and connect to the admission officer of the boarding school of your choice.

​ Please see the application form in ⏬ for details.

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