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About BSAJ

BSAJ is working in two groups centered on three pillars.

​​Providing information

From promotions on Social Media to the North American Boarding School Fair, and Boarding School Fair @ Nishimachi International School held every summer, and BSAJ One-to-One Programs (OnTOP), ​ We provide boarding school experience and information on many platforms.

​​ Human resources development

BSAJ is an organization consisting of active / graduated boarding school students. Therefore, individual opinions and activities have a great influence on the organization. At BSAJ, you can experience the process of taking the initiative in the process while acquiring skills such as planning composition, sales, team development, and media support in a practical format. BSAJ members who have not only overseas experience but also such experience will be the next generation leaders who can be used at home and abroad.

Application preparation

In addition to providing information about boarding schools, students who have actually taken the exam will be the point of contact for exam preparation and consultation.
For example, we support a wide range of admission processes, from helping you write essays that are essential for boarding school exams to giving advice on what kind of school is right for you.

History and future of BSAJ



BSAJ founded


BSAJ was established by the then active students of Brown University, who graduated from an American boarding school in 2015, with the mission of "proposing an American boarding school to Japanese people as one of the options for student life." It was raised.
At that time, BSAJ was only for boarding schools in the United States, but since 2022, we're active with members from boarding schools all over the world including Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
UWC students from around the world will soon be accepted as members.


Hawkness Table Workshop


In 2016 and 2017, we held a mock lesson of harkness lessons (a form of lessons in which teachers and students sit at one round table and face each other in a discussion format), which is one of the characteristics of boarding schools.
During that time, we also assigned a person in charge of accepting questions from parents.


Boarding school fair


​​Beginning of the North American Boarding School Fair held every summer by YGC SAPIX from 2016, hosted by BSAJ held at Nishimachi Intertional School, which joined in 2022. Information about boarding schools, such as the Boarding School Fair, for students and their guardians

We have continued to hold events as our main activity to send out to parents. ​

2016 1st North American Boarding School Fair

2017 2nd North American Boarding School Fair

2018 3rd North American Boarding School Fair

TABS fair

2019 4th North American Boarding School Fair

2020 5th North American Boarding School Fair

2021 6th North American Boarding School Fair

2022 7th North American Boarding School Fair

3rd Boarding School Fair @ Nishimachi international school (introduced by merger with JASBA)

Image by Austin Distel

​​ Serialization of information magazines


BSAJ was in charge of the column "Ask the graduates! Boarding school special feature" in Y-Sapix Journal, an information magazine published by Y-Sapix, once every two months.

I am writing a summary of questionnaires on various themes for boarding school graduates, including those who have a connection with BSAJ, for the participants of past events, help for planning and management, etc.

The themes were "History of going to boarding school" and "Examination of boarding school".


Summer session

​​ 2018

​​ We had a summer session for boarding school students at Tokyo Academic.


Launching homepage and opening SNS

​​ 2018

We created SNS including Instagram and Facebook and the homepage at that time to let more people know about BSAJ.
In 2020, we renewed the site and started blogging such as exam experience notes.

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​​ Temporary general incorporated association

March 2019

​​ BSAJ has been active as a voluntary organization until now, but BSAJ has been temporarily incorporated as a general incorporated association because the scale of activities is limited. did.

​ After all, I returned to the student group / voluntary group due to the comings and goings of the members, but BSAJ's mission is to expand the option of boarding school as it was when it was founded.


Merged with ​​JABSA

April 3, 2022

Until now, BSAJ and JABSA had slightly different policies and were working separately, but at the time of the renewal of both groups, they are aiming for the same thing after all, so on April 3, 2022, BSAJ and JABSA merged. Did.
The organization name will be "BSAJ", and platforms such as sites and Instagram will continue to be used by BSAJ.
Since the number of members has more than doubled, the range of activities has increased from here.


BSAJ ONE-TO-ONE PROGRAMS (commonly known as ONTOP)

June 2022-

BSAJ One-to-One Programs was established due to the largest number of BSAJ members ever and the increase in inquiries about scholarships at boarding schools due to the influence of social conditions.

OnTOP consists of two parts, the One-to-One Student Mentor Program and the One-to-One Finance Consulting Program.

​ Please see the OnTOP page from the menu bar for details.

Image by Wan San Yip

​​Lecture at elementary and junior high school


​​ First of all, from the point of getting students to know the option of boarding school, in order to provide information from us, at elementary and junior high schools all over the country I am planning to give a lecture.


BSAJ Active Student X Graduation Exchange Meeting


We are planning to hold an event that connects active members of BSAJ and graduated members of BSAJ, mainly for long vacations.
Graduation members are aiming to be an opportunity to hear the current state of the boarding school, and active members can hear advice such as taking exams and finding employment.

Image by Vasily Koloda

​BSAJ Scholarship System


​​ We are planning to introduce a scholarship system so that as many Japanese students as possible can experience the wonderful experience of boarding school.

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