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Miu Yatsuka

Chinese International School
Deerfield Academy '24

Why became a BSAJ member:

When I was worried that there were few Japanese students in Deerfield, I got the opportunity to join BSAJ from Daigo. I joined BSAJ because I wanted to meet Japanese students attending other American boarding schools. I would like more Japanese students to have a boarding school.

Activities at BSAJ:

What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? :

If I hadn't decided to enroll in a boarding school, I would still be attending a school in Hong Kong. I had been attending this school since the first grade of elementary school, so I think I was supposed to attend the same school for 13 years.

Fun things in boarding school life:

Studying is hard, but having more freedom than spending time with friends and living in Hong Kong is attractive. I love skateboarding on campus with my friends on the weekends.

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