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Daigo Moriwake

Garden International School Kuala Lumpur '20
Phillips Academy '23

Why I became a BSAJ member: Compared to neighboring Asian countries such as South Korea and China, the percentage of Japanese students in American schools is low, but it is often attributed to "inward-looking". However, I think there is a lack of information about studying in the United States. I didn't know anything about scholarships until I happened to see the website of the school I am currently attending. I was the representative of an organization called JABSA with the goal of disseminating this kind of information, but this time I will merge with BSAJ, which has a similar goal, and work together to achieve the goal together. Therefore, I became a co-representative of BSAJ.

Activities at BSAJ: Co-representative, Nishimachi Fair Team Leader

What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? :

At boarding schools, there are many opportunities that are not available at other schools, but if you don't actively look for opportunities, you will fall out. If I hadn't attended a boarding school, I wouldn't have had the positiveness I gained from such a valuable experience.

Fun things in boarding school life:

It's the most fun to be able to talk with friends from sports to politics until late at night.

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