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​​ Rina Kurihara 

​​ Co-representative

​​ Senzoku Gakuen Junior and Senior High School '24

The Taft School '24

🔶 Current school: The Taft School '24
🔷 Hometown: Senzoku Gakuen Junior and Senior High School (until the summer of middle 3)
🔶 Birthplace: Tokyo
🔷 Why I became a BSAJ member: With little information about boarding schools in Japan, BSAJ has been really encouraging to me since I started thinking about taking the boarding school exam. I became a member because I didn't know any boarding school students, I wanted to hear the voices of the students, and I wanted to support the students and their families. I would like to convey various information and possibilities to as many people as possible.
🔶 Activities at BSAJ: As a boarding school student, I am thinking of disseminating information such as actual school life and events from exam experience stories through SNS. From junior and senior high school students who have a longing for studying abroad to students who are seriously considering taking the boarding school exam, we would be happy if you could learn about the appeal of boarding schools.
🔷 What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? : Since I attended a junior high and high school, I think I went on to school and worked hard at club activities and school festivals, and enjoyed the experience unique to junior high and high school life in Japan. However, considering that I could not have this valuable experience that I have gained at the boarding school now, I feel that it was the correct answer when I entered Taft again.
🔶 Boarding School Fun in Life: Surrounded by Taft's warm community, every day is fun, but every Saturday is especially fulfilling. There are classes in the morning, sports competitions with neighboring schools from noon to evening, and after returning to school in the evening, new friends are made again while parties are held, and everyone plays movies until midnight. I am spending a fulfilling day watching. I have just entered the second year of my boarding school life, so I would like to continue to have many wonderful experiences and work hard while being inspired by friends from all over the world.

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