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Akito Yamauchi

Leader of Website Management​ Team

​​ Seikei Gakuen Junior and Senior High School 

St. Paul's School '24

🔶 Current school: St. Paul's School
🔷 Hometown: Seikei Gakuen Junior and Senior High School (until the summer of 2021)
🔶 Birthplace: Tokyo
🔷 Why I became a BSAJ member: I became a member because I didn't know any boarding school students, I wanted to hear the voices of the students, and I wanted to support the students and their families. I would like to convey various information and possibilities to as many people as possible.
🔶 Activities at BSAJ: As a boarding school student, I am thinking of disseminating information such as actual school life and events from exam experience stories through SNS. From junior and senior high school students who have a longing for studying abroad to students who are seriously considering taking the boarding school exam, we would be happy if you could learn about the appeal of boarding schools.
🔷 What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? : Since I attended a junior high and high school, I think I went on to school and worked hard at club activities and school festivals, and enjoyed the experience unique to junior high and high school life in Japan. However, considering that I could not have this valuable experience that I have gained at the boarding school now, I feel that it was the correct answer when I entered St. Paul's again.

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