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Minato Ward Koryo Junior High School

​​Woodberry Forest School '24

🔷 Why I became a BSAJ member: I am now able to get a great educational opportunity at a boarding school only with the support of my family and others. If you can share this valuable experience and knowledge with more people through your activities at BSAJ, or if you can challenge something with people who are interested in boarding school, it will be "your own gratitude". I thought it was.
🔷 Activities at BSAJ: We will disseminate the appeal of boarding schools on SNS so that Japanese students will be interested in going to the United States as much as possible. Also, if you have any questions individually, please allow time so that you can talk at any time!
🔶 What if you didn't decide to enroll in a boarding school? :
I think the awareness of "responsibility and awareness" was not as high as it is now. At a boarding school, you can re-recognize your identity as a Japanese person and contribute to the community while living in a dormitory with friends from diverse backgrounds and values overseas. , I often face situations where I am strongly aware of what I should do. I think this is the good thing about boarding schools. I think that the mindset of trying to solve problems on my own and the courage and determination to take a step into a new world are further cultivated because I entered a boarding school.

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