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Sara Takanabe

Nishimachi International School '21
The Taft School '24

Why I became a BSAJ member: I came to a boarding school to broaden my horizons and explore how I can apply what I learned from it. The perspective of international students, including myself, is extremely valuable, and I am very fortunate to be able to gain this perspective by being in an environment different from where I was born and raised. I think it is. Through my experience at a boarding school, I would like to convey to Japanese students that there is such a place and an unknown world.

Activities at BSAJ: I would like to convey the goodness and difficulty of the boarding school that I feel through my own experience,  .   I would like to help Japanese students make the boarding school option more accessible.

If I hadn't decided to enroll in a boarding school: I was attending an international school in Japan. Looking back, I think it was a very regrettable choice.  Taft I came to Taft and took on the biggest challenge in my life and learned a lot every day.

Fun in boarding school life: Living in a dormitory with friends is fun.   In the communal life of friends, you can share the fun and pain of the day, and the fun will be doubled or the spiciness will be eased.   Also, living with students from all over the world is inspiring to know various values.

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