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BSAJ Summary Member Experiences

Step 1: Boarding preliminary research experience

How did you do your school preliminary research?

Through student groups

"It is also recommended to talk with current students and graduates of the boarding school through student groups such as BSAJ." "You can hear the voices of students who do not understand from the briefing session and website." Those who have studied abroad are the future of everyone and their children, so I think it will be easier to imagine their own future. "

participate to the event

"Let's go to an event sponsored by a study abroad agency or school. You can collect information more directly than searching on the Internet." "Most of the events are held in Tokyo, so people living in Tokyo go relatively. I think it's easy. "

School visit

"A visit to the school is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended as it gives you an idea of the atmosphere of the school and the lives of the students."

"If you can't visit, watch the video through the school's website or video site to get an idea of the campus."

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体験談まとめ: 私たちについて

Step 2: Test preparation experience

What kind of test measures did you take?

I used reference books and test books

"It is important to continuously solve exercises with countermeasure books such as Barron's, Princeton Review, Kaplan" "It is better to study repeatedly until you can complete one book rather than studying with many countermeasure books." It ’s effective. ”

"Princeton Review is difficult, so you may want to use it when you are accustomed to other countermeasure books." "At first, try to solve the problem with an emphasis on the correct answer rate, and if you can afford it, within the time limit Let's solve it. "

I attended a tutor and a SAT specialty school

"If you use the SSAT specialized cram school, you will be taught at the level and study method that suits you. You will be taught more detailed explanations."


"In addition to exercises, you can improve your English by creating opportunities to read English in newspapers, magazines, books, and English versions of your favorite manga."

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体験談まとめ: 私たちについて

Step 3: Summer vacation experience story

How did you spend your summer vacation (junior high school) before taking the high school exam?

​ Examination / test study

"Start studying for the exam early. We recommend you to do it every day."

summer school

"I encourage you to attend a summer school hosted by a boarding school. You can test whether your dormitory life really suits you. Your English will improve and you will have the experience of interacting with people from all over the world in the summer. It will be a good memory. "


"Anyway, let's try various things and have a fulfilling summer. Only students have time."

Real experience story ①

Mr. K:

Summer before junior high school: Summer school of junior high school scheduled to enter

Middle 1 summer: Summer school of the same junior high school, TOEFL specialized cram school,

Middle 2 summer: SSAT, TOEFL and other cram schools, volunteers (South Africa)

Real experience story ②

Mr. M:

Summer before high school: Summer school

High 1 Summer: Summer School, SSAT Preparation, Essay Preparation

High 1 Winter: Exam

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体験談まとめ: 私たちについて

Step 4: Application experience

Which part of your essay did you focus on? How did you write it?

Know about yourself

"It's important to emphasize your personality, write honestly, and convey your enthusiasm for school." "Be familiar with yourself. It will be helpful if you have people around you analyze it. "It is also important to participate in events such as volunteering and broaden your depth and breadth."

Start writing first

"At first, write without worrying about the length. After that, you should consult with the adults and teachers around you or ask for corrections." "Start writing the essay as soon as possible. The more you apply, the better the quality. "

Ask for correction

"It's very important to have someone else read your essay because you can get advice and mistakes that you didn't notice. Ask your cram school teacher, tutor, or school teacher for corrections." "Once. Not only that, it's safer to check it several times. However, if you read it too much by various people, various opinions will be mixed and it will be far from your own writing, so I recommend a few people. "

Examples of questions actually asked by members in essays

How can you contribute to our school?

How are you different from others?

Why do you wish to attend a Boarding School in the US?

What was the most impactful event in your life?

Write about someone you respect the most.

Write about a book that influenced you the most.

What is your academic and personal achievement?

Why our school? (Why do you want to go to our school?)

What is your strength / weakness?

体験談まとめ: 私たちについて

Step 5: School visit / interview experience

Did your impression of the school change after your visit? What has changed again? What did you pay attention to during the interview?

There is a change

"The information on the internet and information sessions did not suit me unexpectedly when I visited a place that I thought was suitable for me." "By visiting the school, I knew well whether it was suitable for me." "By going, you can get various information such as the friendliness of the students even in a limited time." "Fatefully find a rival in sports at the school and make a prompt decision."

No change

"Because I went to that school for summer school and games before my visit, I knew the atmosphere."

Practice before your visit / interview

"You are often asked about your strengths, weaknesses, self-introductions, etc., so let's get acquainted with yourself and challenge yourself to an interview."

How to show yourself

"Let's show motivated" "It is recommended to think carefully about the questions you ask and take notes during the tour" "Be careful not to be distracted by the tour guide during the tour" Don't lie to yourself as you are. Even if you lie, it's difficult to stick to it, and there are cases where you regret not being fit for the school you entered by yourself. "" Shaking hands is strong! Weak. I think I'm not confident. "

Don't forget to have fun

"Because it's an interview rather than an interview, let's enjoy the conversation. That will make it easier to talk naturally."

Important even after visiting

"Be sure to send a thank-you email to those who interviewed the tour guide that day."


Time to visit school (Monday)

Junior boarding students: 10,11

From Japan: 12,1,2,3,9

体験談まとめ: 私たちについて

Step 6: Experiences after the pass / fail announcement

Why did you choose your current school? What is a boarding school in one word?

Feeling at the time of visit

"It suits the atmosphere at the time of the tour"

Extracurricular activities

"The sport I was playing was strong" "Because there were sports rivals"

Current students / graduates and their own values

"Because my senior was a graduate / current student and I heard about it."

Support system

"Because I got a scholarship"

School overview

"School size"

What is a boarding school in a word?

"A place where you just constantly think and question the world, your surrounding environment and yourself"

"Too much fun"

"A place where you can nurture your potential"

"Human resources development camp"

"Life-changing experience"

"A place where you can grow to your heart's content"

"Second family"


"flower pot"

体験談まとめ: 私たちについて
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